Assurance And Inspection Services

Assurance And Inspection Services

test and tag

An inspection of portable electrical items to make sure they are of satisfactory quality for improved performance and safety is known as “test and tagging” in the professional world.

How do you test and tag

This accepted practice consists of two steps. Check for any defects in the device first. The second method is to create power to test it with a portable appliance tester. A label is applied to the object to attest to the fact that it has been tested. The label includes the name of the tester, the date of the test, and the deadline for the subsequent test.

Making sure that individuals are protected is the key goal. Moreover, the workplace’s welfare is not by carrying out a test and tagging the item. The likelihood of electronic risk will be decreased by testing and marking the item. Otherwise, the overall harm would be greater. The purpose of these steps is to ensure that the item is properly cared for use both now and in the future.

Test and Tag Advantages

  • A safe workplace is maintained by testing and labeling.
  • The entire purpose of the test and tag procedure is to examine the electrical appliances. In addition, additional equipment in a business or industry should be checked for any flaws or anomalies.
  • For maximum productivity, testing will ascertain whether the components are functioning properly without any indications of electrical faults or problems.
  • Employees can be taught to utilize the goods effectively and safely by using tagging to record the results.
  • Also, the procedure ensures that the business complies with current safety laws, preventing regulatory issues.


Testing and Maintenance of Electricity

The electrical testing services and maintenance services provide further assurance for the effective operation of your facility. We can find the causes of equipment deterioration and take steps to lessen or eliminate them.

On-site Upkeep, Testing, and Inspection

Professional electrical engineers and experienced, certified technicians make up our team. By performing professional onsite setups, rigorous NETA testing, and inspections of your electrical wiring, we can decrease outages, save expenses for operation and upkeep, and enhance productivity at your company. The most recent NETA MTS standard is used for all maintenance testing.

Testing, and infrared surveys

With regard to your electrical equipment, our preventive maintenance programs include cutting-edge testing and inspection techniques, including non-invasive testing that may be done without a power outage. These procedures are intended to improve the performance, dependability, and safety of your entire power distribution system by identifying and addressing the causes of equipment deterioration. Our special L-series DILO SF6 gas cart handles all the critical tasks required for SF6 gas handling in an environmentally safe manner during the setup and maintenance of gas-insulated electrical equipment. It is rated to operate electrical circuit breakers up to 500kV.

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