Why Setup Dixon Is Good Than Other Accommodation

Setup Dixon has been enjoying a huge name in the vicinity of New Zeeland by offering people accommodation services. We have a huge list of satisfied guests who had come over and stayed with is. Our room service is no less than 5-star hotel as we are providing our guests with all the basic things that are needed to make a stay a memorable one. Whether, you ae staying with family, friends, infants and toddlers, you do not have to worry about anything. We are here for you to guide you if you have come to explore New Zeeland. 

There are many factors that make us different from other accommodation provider people. Following are the main factors that lead us up from other accommodation services.


  • Affordable:


The most and the preferred factor is affordable. If you are looking for a cheap backpackers Wellington in New Zeeland then setup Dixon is an ideal place for you. We provide many options of accommodation to our customers. We have many packages at our doorstep. We provide monthly stay, weekly stay or a night stay. Monthly stay is the best option for students and tourist who have come for a long stay. We shall give the best ever prices that no one would give you.


  • Comfortable:


Our rooms are comfortable and clean. Some people like to stay in a quite environment. Although, our accommodation is near to us station but there is no sound pollution around. We have especially designed our room in a way that people who are coming to stay with us have all the comfort and do not have any issue.


  • Respect for Privacy:


We take special care in providing the privacy to our customers. We do not like to disturb them if they have asked for privacy. We do not even knock a door if they need privacy. Also, there is no one there to ask them why they are staying here? Students have all the freedom with us. Nice hostel accommodation doesn’t give full freedom to them but if they are staying with us, they have all the freedom.


  • Customer Care Services:


We are always ready to answer all the queries of our guests. If there is any issue in a room like led is not working, working has some issue or any other thing that is bothering them then our staff is always there to welcome their query and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible so that their stay do not gave spoiled with us.

A good stay is just a call away. You can call us for reservation or come to us and see a room. Once you are satisfied then make reservations.